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digital system controller 2 x 6

The dbx DriveRack PA+ loudspeaker management system takes an already great product and adds a ton of new features to make it even better! After managing to pack a complete speaker management system into an affordable 1U rackmountable box, dbx added great new features to the DriveRack PA+, such as a USB connection, updated settings for the newest speaker lines and amp products, front-panel mute buttons for easier troubleshooting, a faster and easier to use Auto EQ Wizard, and full-time RTA that allows you to easily tune your system on your own. Of course, dbx kept all the functionality and features of the first DriveRack alive in the amazing DriveRack+.

dbx DriveRack PA+ PA Loudspeaker Management System at a Glance:

A great unit Ñ made even better
A complete PA-system speaker managment system &mdash an FOH engineer in a box
Linkable 28-Band graphic equalizer, real time analyzer, and auto EQ
Automatic feedback eliminator and EQ for immediate sound improvement
120A Subharmonic synthesizer, crossovers, parametric EQs, and Peak Plus limiters and alignment delay
Industry-standard dbx stereo compressor