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Dual CD/MP3 Player
The 4000 is the world's first Double CD/MP3 Player with ID3 Tag and CD text display. This allows not only for MP3 playback (including VBR and CBR MP3 formats), but display of Artist, Album and Title, plus Folder/File search

MP3 Playback (folder, artist, album, title)
¥ CD Text, ID#, tag and M3u support
¥ 2 Seamless loops
¥ 2 Hot starts & stutter cue points
¥ Brake effect
¥ Shock proof memory
¥ 2-Way pitch bend
¥ Relay play, program play, repeat play, power on play
¥ Jog/shuttle wheel
¥ Illuminated action buttons and drive trays
¥ Auto close tray system
¥ Sleep mode
¥ 4 Way time display
¥ Pitch range +/- 4%, 10%, 16%
¥ User adjustable presets
¥ Custom memory - save up to 300 loops and cue's internally
¥ Firmware upgradeable by CD-Rom disc
¥ Digital output (SPDIF)
¥ Fader Start