Used Electro-Voice Dx38 Processing

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stereo digital controller

EV DX 38 is a digital sound system controller, for digital loudspeaker controllers and processors, providing 48-bit filter algorithms, 24-bit AD/DA conversion and a dynamic range of 115 dB. Dx38 can be used in networks of up to 31 controllers with a maximum networking distance of 1,000 meters. Real-time controlling and configuration is either via the front panel or PC via RS-232, MIDI or RS-485 bus for networking. Dx38 is a 2-in/4-out controller with a ÒvirtualÓ third input source. It has a mono sum of both input channels to maximize flexibility. Two configuration modes allow clearer handling for different qualified users. 30 user memories and 50 factor presets can be managed. The Dx38 comes with a detailed manual plus RACE software which includes current EV speaker and amp data.
2-in/4-out loudspeaker processor
115 dB dynamic range, for highest audio performance
48-bit filter algorithms
24-bit A/D and D/A conversion
Real-time control and configuration via front panel or PC interface with RACE software supplied
RS-232, MIDI interfaces are standard, RS-485 bus for networking optional
Contact-closure interface optional