Used Clear-Com Tempest900 Digital Wireless Intercom System

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The Tempest CM-944 (4-channel) BaseStation operates in the 900MHz frequency bands. The CM-944 Tempest900 BaseStations are compatible with existing 4-wire matrix or 2-wire Clear-Com, RTS or AudioCom partyline intercom systems. The LCD display makes setup easy and efficient while providing real time status of corresponding BeltStations. BaseStations can operate in one of three modes: Normal, Shared or Split. In Normal Mode, the Tempest900 wireless system can have up to 5 wireless BeltStations per BaseStation in full duplex, simultaneous operation. Utilizing the Tempest TDMA technology and proprietary Accu-Sync BaseStation coordination, up to 5 Tempest900 BaseStations and 25 Tempest full duplex wireless BeltStations (in Normal mode) can operate in close proximity while maintaining excellent system performance. Tempest900 BaseStations come fully featured with Stage Announce, Stage Relay, Auxiliary In/Out and Relay connections, Remote Mic Kill, Minimum and Maximum volume levels per BeltStation, and Wireless BeltStation Call capabilities. Battery monitoring is available at the BaseStation and through the T-Desk application. In addition, all BaseStations are provided with an Omni-Directional Whip antenna and a Remote Transceiver is available as an optional accessory.

> 4-channel digital wireless BaseStation
> 900MHz, license free operation
> Lost Packet Concealment prevents “clicks” and “pops” when a data packet is lost
> Accu-Sync synchronization
> Connect an unlimited number of BeltStations per BaseStation
> Connects both 2-channel and 4-channel BeltStations
> T-Desk software enables remote monitoring via LAN interface
> Optional Remote Transceiver extends antenna coverage up to 1500ft (450m) from BaseStation


The Tempest900 BeltStations, CP-942 (for use with the CM-944 4-channel BaseStation) provides users with full-duplex communications. Similar to Tempest2400 BeltStation models, the Tempest900 BeltStations are designed with a comfortable and rugged casing for long-term durability, can operate in either Normal or Shared Mode, and with flexible battery options. The Tempest900 BeltStations use iSelect on-command roaming technology, which allows a user to easily change association with another Accu-Synced BaseStation location in a few seconds.

The CP-942 BeltStation (4-channel audio) is capable of true dual talk/listen functionality, allowing each user to simultaneously monitor and/or talk on two of the four channels (A or B and C or D).

> 4-channel, full-duplex BeltStations
> 900 MHz, license free operation
> Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology
> Up to 5 full-duplex BeltStations per Base Station (in Normal Mode)
> Dual talk/listen operation
> iSelect On-Command Roaming
> Compatible with Clear-Com, RTS, AudioCom
> Hard-wired Remote Mic Kill and Call
> Vibrate Call alert, as well as in-ear tone
> Stage Announce output with relay closure
> 5 individually assignable relay closures and BaseStation
> 2000 mAh Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery (or 3 Alkaline AA batteries)
> Weather resistant enclosure
> Internal anenna prevents breakage
> RoHS Compliant