Used AKG C568EB Microphones

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shotgun condensor

AKG C568EB SHOTGUN MICROPHONE HYPERCARDIOID/ SHOTGUN High directivity and wide frequency response in a relatively short integrated unit make this the ideal microphone for theater, sound reinforcement and film/video recording. Due to its compact and lightweight design the C568EB is ideal for fixed position applications. The C568EB is an electret condenser, which operates on both pressure gradient and interference principles. Below 500Hz it functions as a Hypercardioid microphone; above 500Hz the acoustic interference tube introduces increasing directivity. A switch selectable 12dB/octave 15-Hz roll-off filter effectively suppresses rumble and wind noise. Robust all-metal housing contains the built in pre-amp/impedance converter. Phantom powering 9-52V required, foam windscreen and stand adaptor included.