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Servo-Balanced Distribution Amplifier with 1 XLR Input and 4 XLR Outputs

The Aphex 120A Distribution Amplifier offers effective audio signal distribution for any application. This 1x4 distribution amplifier features a balanced XLR input and 4 balanced XLR outputs. A simple control panel provides output level controls for all 4 outputs and a Signal/Clip LED indicator. A frequency response rating of 5Hz to 100kHz provide high audio performance with a low noise floor and transparent signal. The Aphex 120A is an effective audio distribution solution for industrial or broadcast use.
Quality Inputs and Outputs
The Aphex 120A features Servo-Balanced XLR inputs and outputs providing maximum gain and minimal noise floor.
Transparent Audio Fidelity
Boasting an impressive 5Hz to 100kHz frequency response, the 120A is perfect for the demands of digital audio operation. The result is impressive transient reproduction and dynamic range.
Compact Design
A compact, rugged half-rack design allows both portability and convenience.