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Stereo Comp/Limt/

Behringer's Composer MDX 2100 gives you superb dynamic control, both live and in the studio. It's ideal for increasing vocal energy and penetration in the mix; and prevents system overload.
Composer offers five distinct dynamic processing functions: fully automatic compressor; manually-set compressor; expander/gate; and program limiter.
An innovative IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) circuit gives you the best features of both hard- and soft-knee compression in a single dynamic process. Even with extreme ratios or difficult program material, the effect is amazingly natural and transparent.
As your equipment upgrades, so do your expectations. The MDX 2100 comes with IRC (Interactive Ratio Controller) expander/gate that provides totally natural fades to silence. With IRC, threshold setting is less critical, and chattering is virtually eliminated, even at low signal-to-noise ratios.
An IGC (Interactive Gain Control) offers two stages of dynamic control. First, a clipper applies instantaneous brickwall limiting. If the input level does not fall back quickly enough, the IGC circuit is activated, reducing overall output and avoiding distortion. With the IGC in control, protection against overload is absolutely assured and completely transparent.
MDX 2100 Includes Auto and Manual Compressor Modes
In Auto mode, program-dependent Attack and Release times are calculated in real time, so there's minimal set-up and optimal performance, particularly with complex signals like vocals, or the mix. In addition, Manual mode offers you fully adjustable Attack and Release for creative effects. Behringer advises using Auto mode for vocals, mixdown and stringed instruments; Manual mode for percussive sounds and envelope shaping.
Works as two independent mono units, or one stereo.