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Phase checker, Includes AR130S & AR130D

The AR130 test system is a specialist piece of equipment for checking the phase correctness between input and output of most electrical, electronic or electro-mechanical units. This unit must have at least one two-wire port, which need not be balanced. Such examples are multiway connecting cables, equipment racks, sound mixing consoles, microphones and loudspeakers.
The test system consists of a SOURCE, the AR130S, and a DETECTOR, the AR130D. The source provides an encoded test tone, and is normally connected to the equipment input. The detector dictates the phase, either in or out, between input and output, and is connected to the output of this equipment. For units which are frequency dependant, provision is made to adjust the test tone frequency. Also available is a foam lined carrying case to house the phase check set, two XLR balanced to unbalanced converters and two spare batteries.