Used Countryman ISOMAX 2 H10 Microphones

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Hypercardioid condensor microphone, 10Õ cable (Black)

The Isomax 2 is a Countryman classic, still delivering the industry's tightest pattern control for an all-purpose mic.

Available in cardioid, hypercardioid, and omni directional patterns, the Isomax 2 offers true frequency-independent pattern control - unlike competing mics that become omnidirectional at low frequencies.

As instrument mics, they capture strings, wind, brass and percussion beautifully, with excellent rejection of the rest of the band.

As choir mics, they deliver exceptional gain before feedback without any hint of the nearby organ. As stage and audience mics, they eliminate the liability of bulky overhead equipment while eliminating electrical noise and feedback from other nearby devices.

What's more, they're so affordable, you'll find plenty of ways to use them!

Phantom powered. Wireless built with 5' cable; hardwired built with 10' cable standard. Supplied with basic clip, wind screen and storage case.