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Mono 1/3 Octave Equalizer

20 Series EQs. You used to have to settle for second best in a reasonably priced EQ but not any more. With the new 20 Series from dbx Professional Products you get a great EQ circuit, a graceful yet powerful limiter and the revolutionary new design of the Type III Noise Reduction. Check out the dbx 20 Series graphic EQs at your pro audio outfitter. YouÕll see, with the 20 Series EQs you get MORE!!!
Recommended for: Portable, Tour.
Revolutionary instant encode/decode Type III Noise Reduction in-circuit at the push of a button. Increases S/N ratio by up to 20dB
Patent-pending PeakPlus Limiter threshold range from 0dBu to +24dBu (off) can transparently tame the wildest hits or the subtlest nuances of any signal
An extremely high quality EQ, patent-pending Type III Noise Reduction, and the elegant new PeakPlus Limiter all in one great sounding box
Four segment LED bargraph for BOTH Gain Reduction AND Output Level offers the most comprehensive visual feedback available
Status LEDs offer visual feedback for all settings on the front panel