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dual MD player/recorder

Denon DN-M2300R Dual MiniDisc Controller/Recorder/Duplicator

A-B seamless looping of unlimited length
10 Hot Starts; load up to 5 tracks (per drive)
Shock memory
Next track reserve; allows a seamless transfer to your next selected track
Duplicates MD's including disc and track names
Editing capabilities that include undo and redo
Auto level record start
Auto track increment
SCMS option (on/off)
Rotary track selector knob
Jog/Shuttle wheel
Instant start; within 0.01 sec
Auto cue to music
Single/all repeat
Single/continuous play
Program play; up to 25 tracks per drive
Cue signals; up to 5 cue points can be written to each track for quick cue search playback
Pitch control w/pitch slider ±8%
Pitch bend ±9.9%
Records stereo or mono (74 min stereo, 148 min mono)
86 frames per sec. for precise editing or cueing
Headphone jack
Sleep function
2 digital inputs and outputs (coaxial SPDIF)
29 total user adjustable presets
2 pieces: controller 3U, drive unit 2U rack spaces