Used Electro-Voice 81PMX Mixing Consoles

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8 channel powered mixer, 200 watts
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ÊÊÊÊ The 8-channel 81PMX is ideal for both portable and permanent applications.Ê Besides delivering 200 watts of power into four ohms, the mixers have several other features not found on many competitive models.Ê Digital reverb/delay results in more natural ambience and control flexibility, while 40-volt phantom power allows the use of any condenser microphone to its maximum performance. The mic inputs are also designed to handle the high output of N/DYM or condenser mics without overload distortion.Ê The beefed-up MOSFET power amplifier provides increased reliability and sound quality, allowing for more output and more headroom.ÊEach channel features low- and high-impedance inputs, as well as an insert jack to allow use of separate effects on each channel.Ê Reverb to main and monitor allows a "wet" stage monitor mix for vocalists, allowing the vocalist to hear what the audience hears.Ê
200 watts into 4 ohmsÊ
MOSFET power amplifierÊ
Full protection from distortion and speaker damageÊ
Nine-band graphic EQÊ
Adjustable electronic reverbÊ
Separate tape/CD input channelsÊ
Easy-access channel inputs