Used Electro-Voice TG-5 Amplifiers

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850 W@8½ / 1450 W@4½, 2 rack space

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he TG-5 amplifier has a microprocessor controlled operation management system that provides useful features such as compound thermal management (preventing the unit from switching off in excessive thermal environment), automatic mains voltage detection and a circuit breaker control that allows the TG-5 to operate on a 30 A or 16 A circuit breaker with normal music signals. The TG-5 uses a grounded bridge 3-step class-H topology to ensure high acoustic performance and reliability. The TG Series also offers the power and transient response to drive subwoofers and along with the low distortion for critical HF signals. The high-capacity switch-mode power supply provides the headroom needed to ensure high dynamic outputs and reliable operation on extreme low loads.
Key Features
¥ Grounded bridge class-H design
¥ Microprocessor controlled
¥ Front LCD panel for operation mode set-up and monitoring