Used Electro-Voice XLD281 Loudspeakers

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The XLD281 is the core element for constructing X-Line Very Compact systems. The XLD281 is a threeÐway design usingÊCoverage Control Technology (CCTª)Êto provide control horizontal coverage to 250Hz.Ê

The XLD281Êuses anÊeight-inch, neodymium, low-frequencyÊtransducer, anÊeight-inch, neodymium, LF/MB transducer, and two neodymium,Êtwo-inch, voice-coil compression drivers combining throughÊtwo Hydraª plane wave generators into a 120 degreeÊx 10ÊdegreeÊwaveguide.ÊCCTª uses bothÊeight-inch transducers to provide maximum low-frequency output and operating bandwidth while controlling horizontal beamwidth to 250 Hz by using DSP. The XLD281 can be used in triampÊmode, or in biamp using a sophisticated internal passive network.
Designed for use in arrays of four or more elements, the XLD281 delivers full-bandwidth audio with precise, predictable coverage control. Integrated rigging with hinge points located correctly between array elements isÊeasy to use and quickly provides uncompromised line array performance. Ground-stacking is easy using array rails or subwoofers as the array base.