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Single channel, 30-band, 1/3 octave equalizer

Klark Teknik DN300 Single channel, 30-band, 1/3 octave. Proprietary circuit designs utilising ÒMELTÓ filters giving unbeatable performance. Comprehensive standard specifications include electronically balanced input and LED overload indicator. Earth lift switch enables signal and chassis grounds to be isolated eliminating ground loop problems. Adjustable high and low cut 12dB/octave shelving filters with selectable 6/12dB per octave high cut slope. Equalisation by-pass allowing easy comparison between direct and equalised signals. Perspex and brushed aluminium security covers are available to order, for use in permanent sound installations where system calibration has taken place. The DN300 is sturdily constructed throughout and complies with standard 19Ó 2U rack mounting requirements.