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Programable Stereo 1/3 Octave equalizer

The Klark Teknik DN3600 Programmable Graphic Equalizer is a quality, digitally controlled, two-channel, third-octave, 30 band equalizer that combines state-of-the-art audio performance with unprecedented ease of use in a two rack-space unit.

¥ Dual channel, third-octave graphic equalizer.
¥ Tunable notches and sweepable low and high pass filters.
¥ Large, backlit Supertwist LCD display with virtual fader and actual curve display modes.
¥ 30 Tactile switches for instant access to virtual faders.
¥ DN360 and DN27 emulations with Klark Teknik's proprietary combining filter characteristics.
¥ Auto gain-ranging to maintain headroom.
¥ 66 Memories for EQ settings.
¥ Soft crossfade between memories.
¥ Ability to address up to 64 slave units.
¥ Pro MIDI interface for Master/Slave setups and system exclusive bulk dumps.
¥ Revised MELT hybrid filter circuits give exceptional headroom and dynamic range.
¥ 10-Segment bargraph level meters plus clip warning monitoring the signal at 7 different points.
¥ Inputs and outputs electronically balanced-transformer balancing is an option.
¥ Failsafe relay bypass