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digital 1/6 octave analyzer

The ability to monitor and analyse audio systems, regardless of their application, remains one of the most important issues facing engineers. The DN6000 Audio Analyser continues Klark TeknikÕs long tradition of providing audio professionals with the tools they need in the field, with a unique feature set that provides every important analysis function in one roadworthy device. Current SPL is constantly shown on a large red LED display, and measurements may be taken unweighted or with A or C weighting, in 1/3rd or 1/6th octave analysis modes, and shown in either peak or average responses. A high-quality measurement microphone is supplied with every (individually calibrated) DN6000, for which a front panel microphone input is fitted. The unit is also provided with dual line level inputs for stereo 1/3 octave analysis, with sum and differences display options, to allow it to run ÔinlineÕ with a system if required.