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2 In, 3 Out delay line with EQ

Klark Teknik DN 7204 Programmable Delay Line is a high quality, 2-input, 4-output configurable audio delay line that combines state-of-the-art DSP performance with ease of use.
Each output may be fed from either input, giving possible configurations of Stereo 1-in, 2-out; two independent 1-in, 2-outs; 1-in, 3 out + 1-in 1-out: 1-in, 4-out. To further extend the flexibility of the Delay line, the unit also incorporates two bands of parametric equalization and a variable high frequency shelf on each output.

The maximum delay time of more than 1400 milliseconds allows total delay compensation of up to 420 meters. The delay time of the Klark Teknik DN 7204 can be set and viewed in milliseconds, meters, centimeters, inches or feet. For these ÔdistanceÕ modes, a temperature parameter can be set to compensate for environmental variations.

As well as delay and EQ, each output features adjustment of phase and level in the digital domain and an overshoot free peak limiter. The inputs and outputs all feature level trim controls in the analogue domain, for headroom optimization.

The inputs and outputs of the Klark Teknik DN 7204 are fully balanced on XLR connectors and are wired conventionally with pin 1 as ground. Because the system is fully floating, either pin 2 or pin 3 can be designated as hot as long as the same protocol is adhered to for both the input and the output connectors.