Used Lexicon LXP-1 Processing

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Digital Reverb

OVERVIEW: LXP1 offers 16 preset reverb patterns, 128 user memories accessible by MIDI controller, some adjustable parameters thanks to optional remote programmer/controller MRC (not included). Quite easy to use with a 16-position rotary encoder to select the effect. Two more knobs labelled Decay and Delay, these provide editing control over main edit with reverb programs these are reverberation decay time and pre-reverb delay (up to 0.25 seconds in all cases).
GROUPS: There are two main groups to choose from: effects and reverb. Reverb have various sub-section like: HALL (dark bright), ROOM (small medium large) and PLATES (also dark bright). Other effects are chorus, gated reverbs and delay (with various panning ping pong effects)
Technical Data
Audio Inputs
Level: -20dBu minimum (OdBu=0.775Vrms)
Impedance: 50k Ohm unbalanced stereo
25k Ohm unbalanced mono
Connections 1/4" jacks
Audio Outputs
Level: +4dBu nominal, +18dBu maximum
Impedance: 600 Ohm unbalanced
Connections: 1/4" jacks
Frequency Wet: 20Hz-15kHz 11.0dB
Response Dry: 20Hz-20kHz 10.5dB
Dynamic Range 85dB (typical), 20Hz-20kHz
Total Harmonic Wet: 0.07% 1kHz
Distortion Dry: 0.05% 1 kHz
Encoding 16-bit linear PCM
Memory 16 permanent presets
128 user programmable registers
MIDI IN, MIDI THRU/OUT internally selectable
Footswitch Bypass, 1/4" jack
RFI Shielding Complies with FCC requirements for Class A computer equipment
Power Requirement 9VAC, 1A from external transformer