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Digital Reverb

The MPX 1 multi processor technology gives you multi-effects the way you expect them to work Ñ with instant access to individual effects, and the ability to run uncompromising stereo reverb at all times. In addition to the superb sonic quality you expect from Lexicon, the MPX 1 gives you easy, top level control over even the most complex functions, and visual feedback to let you know exactly where you are and what features are available at all times.

Six primary effect types: Pitch, Chorus, EQ, Modulation, Delay and Reverb give you push button access to an arsenal of 57 effects. 200 presets make maximum use of these effects in combination Ñ using as many as 4 stereo effects in addition to uncompromising stereo reverb.

The preset library is organized under database control to allow you to quickly find programs designed for specific sources such as Guitar, Vocals or Live Performance, or to find all of the programs using certain effects such as Pitch or EQ.

The MPX 1 gives you tap tempo control when you want it. You can assign tempo control to modulation rates, delay times or any effect parameter, ensuring that your effects are in tempo with your music. Tempos can be tapped in with the front panel Tap button (or an assigned controller) or Òdialed-inÓ, in BPM (beats per minute) on the display. The MPX 1 also lets you generate MIDI clock from your tempo, as well as receive MIDI tempo from an external sequencer or drum machine. Many presets have delay times assigned to Tap tempo. Try loading some of these. (Select source type: Tempo in the database to find all of them.) When you load a tempo driven program, the front panel Tempo LED will flash at the current tempo to let you know the Tap button is active. Press Tap twice in rhythm to change tempo.