Used Meyer MSL-4 Loudspeakers

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horn-loaded long-throw, powered

The MSL-4 is an arrayable, high-Q long-throw reinforcement loudspeaker. It operates with a very flat frequency response all the way from 18kHz down to an impressive 65Hz. To get an even lower range, the unit works well with mid-bass loudspeakers and subwoofers. The MSL-4 is unique; it is the first high-power, highperformance, self-contained reinforcement speaker. By integrating the controllers, amplifiers, and speaker components into one unit, sound designers are no longer required to waste time fussing with different amplifier gains, rack wiring, loudspeaker protection, or other problems that can compromise a systemÕs performance. All that is required is to hookup AC power and run a good quality signal source into it. What could be simpler? The MSL-4 literally does all the work. The power system utilizes the Intelligent AC system, which provides for automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turnon, surge suppression, and dual circuit breakers. The MSL-4 is highly arrayable, with a very precise coverage pattern: 40¡ horizontal by 35¡ vertical. The unit can be tight-packed to get high power over long distances, or splayed to increase the horizontal coverage.