Used Mogan EXO-BG-SH Wireless Microphones

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Elite Omni Earset, Beige, Shure

The beigeÊElite Omni Earset MicrophoneÊfromÊMoganÊdelivers full-frequency vocal reproduction for broadcast, theater, and presentation. Featuring a discrete 2.5mm omnidirectional condenser element with a high gain before feedback, it captures every vocal nuance with detailing. A fully adjustable boom and earpiece enable precise positioning on the left or right ear for maximum stability and comfort, making it suitable for extended use.
The microphoneÕs moisture-resistant capsule and hypoallergenic earpiece may be sanitized if the microphone is shared. The Elite Series Earset microphone is suitable for both spoken word and vocal performance.
MoganÕs interchangeable cable system enables you to connect a single microphone to multiple wireless transmitters. The microphone includes a cable with a hardwired connector for Shure wireless transmitters.