Used Sennheiser AC3200-II Wireless Microphones

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Active, high-power 8:1 antenna combiner. Max 250 mW input power, 1 RU, with inline power supply. BNC interconnect cables not included.

The Sennheiser AC 3200 8 to 1 Broadband Active Antenna Combiner combines the RF (Radio Frequency) signals from 8 wireless monitoring transmitters, into a single output that significantly reduces wire clutter and RF intermodulation. The AC 3200 is compatible with Sennheiser SR series listening system transmitters, operates over a broadband frequency range of 500 to 870MHz and easily covers long ranges with a maximum input of 250mW.

Active 8-channel 0dB transmitter combiner with highly constant RF output power over the entire frequency range
Significant improvement of RF performance for multi-channel systems
Broadband RF design to cover the UHF frequency range from 500-870MHz
Maximum input power of 250mW
LEDs on the front show whether a signal is present at the RF input
Compatible with SR 3054, SR 3056, SR 3254, SR 3256, SR 300 and SR 350 transmitters