Used Sennheiser ASP1 Wireless Microphones

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Passive receiver antenna splitters

4x 12V power connector
8x BNC connector (4xA 4xB)
Input: 2x BNC antenna connector included. Power cord, self-catering facilities and 4 other recipients
rack rail and two on the rack rail mounted antenna

The Sennheiser ASP 1 is an antenna splitter and power distribution system designed for the EM series rack mount receivers. The splitter supports up to four EM 100, EM 300 or EM 500 series receivers. Incoming RF signal is distributed to the connected receivers via the hardwired BNC output pigtail cables. The ASP 1 is capable of powering the connected receivers, sending DC power via the hardwired DC output cables. Remote powering eliminates excess cable and bulky power supplies.