Used Sennheiser EM 3532 Wireless Microphones

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UHF dual channel wireless receiver and two SK50 pacs

638 - 661Mhz
686 - 710Mhz

The EM 3032 consists of two complete true diversity receivers in a single 19" 1 U rack housing. 32 pro-grammable receiving frequencies per receiver ensure flexible channel selection and make this receiver an ideal choice for OB applications or for use in shows.

¥ Two true diversity receivers, 19" 1 U housing
¥ Integral antenna splitter, 2 x 1 : 2
¥ Up to 32 programmable receiving frequencies
¥ LC display for frequency, RF and AF level
¥ Indication of transmitter battery status
¥ "HiDyn plus" noise reduction system
¥ Two separate headphone outputs
¥ Suitable for multi-channel applications

The SK 50 pocket transmitter fulfils the most stringent demands on operation and mechanical stability. It is above all used in musicals, shows and for broadcast applications.
¥ Extremely reliable special connectors
¥ Metal housing
¥ Quick change accupack or battery box
¥ 16 switchable carrier frequencies
¥ ÒHiDyn plusÓ noise reduction system
¥ RF output power 50 mW