Used Shure AXT600US Wireless Microphones

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Spectrum Manager

Key Features
¥ Scans UHF Spectrum (470 to 952 MHz)
¥ Backup Frequency Monitoring in Real Time
¥ Backup Frequency Display
¥ Use with Axient Channels

The AXT600US Spectrum Manager from Shure delivers wide-band UHF spectrum scanning, spectrum analysis, and compatible frequency coordinationÑall in a single rack unit. By scanning and displaying the RF environment, calculating compatible frequencies and deploying them to Axient receivers, the Axient Spectrum Manager offers a sophisticated interface and precise information for allocating the best available frequencies to any number of wireless channels.
For added flexibility in complex RF environments, the AXT600US also monitors and ranks a live list of backup frequencies, and can deploy them instantly and automatically when an Axient receiver detects interference. Together with the Shure Wireless Workbench 6 software, Axient Spectrum Management tools offer a rich, graphical interface for viewing the RF world and choosing the optimal frequencies for all of an event's wireless channels.