Used Shure PA760 Wireless Microphones

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Antenna Combiner for Four PSM 600 Systems

Shure PA-Series UHF Antenna Combiners are designed to allow up to four PSM wireless transmitters to use a single antenna. The unit combines four PSM wireless transmitters to a single antenna, reducing stage clutter and improving intermodulation distortion performance.
¥ UHF operation
¥ Up to four wireless transmitters can be combined into one transmitting antenna.
¥ Low noise and intermodulation distortion. The PA Antenna Combiner maintains clean signals with minimal distortion.
¥ Microstrip technology for signal combining and filtering.
¥ Four push/pull amplifiers for improved linear performance.
¥ Front-mounted antenna. The PA Antenna Combiner comes with hardware to front-mount the antenna, which allows for better radio transmission.
¥ Dual rackmount hardware. The PA Antenna Combiner comes with hardware so that it can be rackmounted with another PA Antenna Combiner or PSM Transmitter into a single rack space.