Used Shure UA888 Wireless Microphones

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UHF networking system

The UA888 is a computer interface accessory that allows Shure UHF wireless microphone users to monitor and control the functions of up to 16 receivers from a remote site using an IBM compatible PC computer. Using the supplied ShureLink cable, monitoring of up to 32 channels can be achieved by connecting multiple UA888 units. The UA888 system is ideal for installed sound applications, such as theater, houses of worship, and for touring sound and audio/video rental.
UA888 software Version 2.4 allows users to monitor and control Shure UHF Series Wireless in both the UA band (782-806 MHz) and the UB band (692-716 MHz)
Full monitoring capability of system RF level, audio level, A/B antenna diversity and transmitter battery level
Monitoring and control capability of Group/Channel selection, frequency in MHz, user name, squelch, and lock/unlock status
RF plotter function measures signal strength throughout stage area or venue and identifies RF problem areas. These 'walkarounds' can be printed or saved as a file (Version 2.11 and higher).
Frequency scanner minimizes RF interference by scanning the airwaves and identifying present frequencies. Frequency scans can be printed or saved as a file (Version 2.11 and higher).
Scene setup and implementation saves and instantly recalls multiple receiver settings
Password protection