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Mini Disc Player

Professional use playback only deck

Intended Purpose
The industrial use record/playback MDS-B3 and play only MDS-B4P decks are MD systems for studios and broadcast stations using Minidisc, which has appeared as the next generation audio recording media. Because you can control up to 255 different audio annoucements (not only from the device itself, but externally from a computer, timer etc.), power which has not existed until now is shown in various fields, such as annoucements, background music, programs, information services, singles, etc.

Main Characteristics
¥ Memory Start function
¥ Because during pause the audio is always in the memory and waiting, when the play function is operated, the audio will come out at that instant, with no time lag due to mechanical functioning.
¥ Auto Queue Function
¥ A function that, by detecting the silent area at the head of the track, pauses at the true start of sound (detection at -54dB).
¥ NEXT PLAY indicator
¥ A function that, at program playback time, conveniently displays the next track to play.
¥ Various control functions are possible by way of the power timer, parallel remote terminal, and RS-232C terminal. Functions available from the RS-232 interface (determined by talking to someone at the Sony office who looked in a user manual for me):
_ play
_ pause
_ stop
_ record
_ eject
_ input sync
_ time display
_ preview
_ next
_ queue standby
_ direct jump
_ menu
_ auto pause
_ auto queue
_ ... (one or two others which I didn't catch)
¥ * note that it does not appear to be possible to title tracks from the RS232 interface.
¥ Input/Output terminals
_ Analog Input XLR-3-31
_ Analog Output XLR-3-32
_ Digital Input RCA pin jack IEC958-TYPE1/2
_ Digital Output RCA pin jack IEC958-TYPE2
¥ Remote terminal
_ Pallel remote D-SUB25 pin (female) M2.6mm screw
_ RS-232C D-SUB9pin (male) inch screw
_ cross cable use
_ Baud rate 1200/2400/4800/9600bps
_ Bit length 7bit/8bit
_ Stop bit 1/2
¥ Power 100V 50/60Hz
¥ External Dimensions width 142 x height 132 (141*) x depth 375mm
¥ Accessories
_ Remote Controller
_ RM-DB3