Used Soundcraft 200B-32 Mixing Consoles

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*Note that these Soundcraft consoles are 20+ years old, there will be some noisy pot’s, switches and faders.  They are also large so shipping can run upwards of $650 USD within North America.  Contact us for an accurate shipping cost

32x4 Console

Vintage Soundcraft 200B 32 Channel Sound Console

The Soundcraft Series 200B is designed primarily for up to
8-track recording, as well as public address and monitor
The console has 4 main buses, 4 auxiliary outputs and dedicated
mix outputs. All inputs are electronically balanced.
Electronic balancing reduces the degradation of signal quality
which is introduced by more conventional transformer coupled
designs, ensuring superior transient response, minimal phase
shift and excellent common mode rejection even at high
The outputs, with the exception of the Mix Outputs and the
Control Room Outputs, are "GROUND COMPENSATED" to minimise hum
or interference in differing enviroments, where earthing rules,
etc may not always have been adhered to.
The Microphone Input impedance is greater than 2kOhms, which
will not cause any loading effects on any normally used
microphone. The Line level Input has an input impedance of
greater than 10kOhms, which is high enough to ensure that it
will interface with most studio peripheral equipment without
causing loading effects.
The auxiliary sends are selectable between both Pre/Post EQ and
Pre/Post Fade by the use of push-on links (Jumpers) on the PCB.
Metering is via 4 VUs reading Group Outputs 1-4. Meters 3 and 4
are switchable as a pair to read the monitor source. This may
be either the stereo mix bus, the 2-track return or any PFL/AFL
The power supply is an external unit supplying the console with
17volts positive and negative rails and +48V Phantom Power
The console is designed to work at either +4dBu or -10dBV
(Tascam) level. Changing between the two requires altering an
internal switch on the group outputs and adding push-on jumpers
on the input channel PCBs.
The console is available with 8, 16, or 24 input modules. There
is also an optional rack mounting version with a maximum of 8
input modules. A stereo Line input module will also be
available for use with stereo effects devices, keyboards etc.
In a broadcast situation this module is available to introduce
stereo cart machines, turntables etc into the console.