Used Soundcraft Venue II 40 Mixing Consoles

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*Note that these Soundcraft consoles are 20+ years old, there will be some noisy pot’s, switches and faders.  They are also large so shipping can run upwards of $650 USD within North America.  Contact us for an accurate shipping cost

40 x 8 Channel Console,including flightcase

The Venue II is a fully modular 8 bus mixer providing unique versatility for live
mixing, whether it's in a medium-sized theatre or concert hall, a conference
auditorium or church.
The console provides full 8 bus routing and six independent auxiliary sends, and
both Mono and Stereo Input offer four mute groups. This allows the status of
each channel to be controlled by four master mute busses for rapid resetting of
the console during a live performance.
The Stereo Input includes a further innovation - a Stereo Width control, enabling
the width of a stereo image to be continuously varied. This is a unique feature on
a console of this type, and is ideal for enhancing theatre sound effects.
The Venue II series comprises a range of input module, output module and frame
options that lets you configure the console for a wide variety of applications, and
to alter the layout very easily if required. The only constraint on the selection
and positioning of modules is that any console must have a master module (2
channels width) fitted, and that any group output modules fitted have to be
positioned immediately to the left of this.
Should you wish to replace or add extra modules, please contact your
authorised Soundcraft dealer, who can supply the modules and change the
configuration without voiding the warranty.
The output section of the Venue II has been carefully designed to offer the
maximum number of independent outputs in a compact mixer. The Dual Matrix
module provides superb versatility for theatre applications, allowing additional
output mixes to be created from signals present at the group and mix outputs, or
from external submixers. A full 8 x 8 matrix is created by using only four
modules, although any number can be specified.
The Dual Group/EQ module packs two independently controlled output groups
into one module, each with a 3 band mid sweep EQ section. For even greater
flexibility the Dual Group/Stereo Return module contains all the features
required for generating subgroups and stereo effects returns, and the stereo return
section is ideal for bringing in additional stereo sources without taking up
valuable input modules.
The Venue II is supplied in four frame sizes - 16, 24, 32 or 40 channels. A
removable overbridge is available as an option on the three larger frame sizes,
and may be fitted with either moving coil VU or PPM meters, or with LED