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Digital Reverb

¥ 250 factory presets, including Delay, Reverb, Ambience, Pitch, Dynamics, EQ + more.
¥ True stereo Twin Engine processing with six different routings available.
¥ Dynamic Morphingª and Patch Glide with adjustable glide times.
¥ 24bit Analog Conversion (105dB Dynamic Range A to D): 10Hz-20Khz bandwidth
¥ AES/EBU (24bit) and SPDIF (24bit) digital I/O. + 16bit dithering tool for DAT output.
¥ Wizard Help menus assist user in preset choices on an easy to read scrolling bit-mapped display.
¥ Tap tempo and MIDI tempo Delay presets. Tap tempo button and footswitch jack.
¥ Both 128 user and 128 Combi-user presets + 4 snapshot memories.
¥ Universal auto-switching power supply (100-240V.)