Used Telex BP1000 Communications

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Model Description:
1 Ch belt pack w/call light, mic kill detect, tone alert, dynamic/electret mic, jack, XLR I/O

Model Details
1 Ch belt pack w/call light, programmable mic kill detect and tone alert, dynamic/electret mic, headset jack (A4M) bal/unbal, 3-pin XLR I/O

¥ Includes call light and mic kill
¥ Balanced/unbalanced operation

The Audiocom¨ BP-2000 and BP-1000 are microprocessor
controlled one- and two-channel intercom belt packs. An
internal switch and jumper setting allows the units to be used
with Clear-Com¨ components, if desired. Other internal
switch and jumper settings allow the unit to be uniquely
configured to the operator's requirements.