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4-Track MD Recorder

Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz.

Mic/Line x 4 (-10 to -50 dB, 1/4" jack),Ê
Aux Return L,R (-10 dB, 1/4" jack),Ê
Stereo Sub In L,R (-10 dB, RCA phono jack)

Stereo Out L,R (-10 dB, RCA phono jack),Ê
Monitor Out L,R (-10 dB, RCA phono jack),Ê
Track Direct Out 1 to 4 (-10 dB, RCA phono jack),Ê
Aux Send (-10 dB, 1/4" jack),Ê
Phones (100 mW + 100 mW, 1/4" stereo jack)
The MD4 combines complete mixing functions and digital multitrack recording functions in an easy-to-operate unit. Utilizing Mini Disc (MD) Data format removable discs, the MD4 boasts 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, ultra low noise, and zero percent wow-and-flutter. MD Data discs offer the ability to erase and record on the same disc one million times, and unlimited track-bouncing with negligible degradation.
Edit and re-sequence program segments and create new songs from segments; tunes can be rearranged, lengthened or shortened. Strong parts can be repeated, and weak parts deleted.Ê
Combine all four fully-recorded tracks to any of the same tracks without losing any tracks.Ê
Instantly access to any point on the disc plus programmable auto-locate and auto-punch-in with 12 ms accuracy.Ê
Outputs MIDI timecode with tempo-mapping functions to allow MIDI systems to chase MD4 recordings with precision.
255 songs can be recorded on a single mini disc and easily titled using front panel controls.Ê
Three recording modes offering total recording times of 37 minutes per track in the four-track mode, 74 minutes for stereo recording, and 148 minutes for mono recording.
The digital multitrack recorder is integrated into a comprehensive 4-bus mixer including 8 inputs, individual track outputs, 3-band EQ and versatile monitoring features.